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Agave fiber straws are USDA certified, FDA approved, and certified to degrade due to organic enhanced degradation additives. The additives are guaranteed to work, accelerating the products natural degradation back into the environment. The approximate degradation period is 240 days in optimal conditions such as landfills and compost sites. Agave straws can degrade anywhere, although degradation time may vary. Certified to degrade within 1-5 years in aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

- 1 box of 50 agave fiber straws (not individually wrapped)
- Made from byproduct of the Mexican tequila making process
- 100% Biodegradable
- Does not get soggy or add taste
- Sturdy as a plastic straw
- Hot & cold drink compatible
- Reusable (lasts over 8 hours in your drink!)
- Plastic-free everything (straws + packaging & shipping materials)
- 21cm length x 6mm diameter