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Brothers Apothecary - CBD Drink Mix - Blue Moon Milk Latte

The Brothers Apothecary is Portland's first CBD tea company, born in 2015. They exclusively use minimally processed ingredients with no added sugar, fillers, or artificial ingredients, and their facility is 100% renewable powered, and family owned & operated. Brothers Apothecary CBD Tea's are full-spectrum, and contain less than 0.3% THC content.

Packed with superfoods & incredible color, Blue Moon Milk is here to help whenever you need that push to doze off. Delicious, vegan, gluten-free, and handmade & packaged in 100% biodegradable bags, our Blue Moon Milk is ethically-sourced & crafted with intention, paired with the finest, safe & legal hemp-derived CBD.

We start with freshly pressed coconut milk powder, blend in our Apothecary Moon Blend (including Jujube, Chamomile & Polygala), lightly sweeten with low-glycemic coconut sugar, and create character with an autumnal-inspired blend of five spices.

We are confident you’ll love Blue Moon Milk before bed, or frankly any time you just need to relax & take off the edge.

Est. 200MG+ CBD Per Bag
Does not contain caffeine
Relaxing, but not sleep-inducing and safe to use during the day
Approx. 9 Servings Per Bag
Vegan, Gluten Free, Handmade & Packaged in a 100% Certified Biodegradable Bag
How to Make Blue Moon Milk
Combine 1 tbsp with 8-10oz milk alternative (milk or water works too!)
Add 1 tbsp coconut oil / butter for extra strength

Ingredients: (See pictures for nutrition facts)

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