JC Essential - Sea Moss Infused Drink - Joshy's Lemonade with Turmeric & Ginger

Sea Moss Infused - Inspired by Dr. Sebi

"If you're looking to tame your tastebuds, you'll simply love Joshy's Lemonade!"

It's nice turning lemons to lemonade, but it's even nicer with a little bit of ginger and turmeric.  Freshly squeezed lemonade combined with a variety of health zingers into one balanced craft.  Take a load off and get your hands on this delicious healthy legendary fresh-squeezed refresher.  It's also precisely what your body needs.

Non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, corn-free.

Ingredients sourced from naturally sustainable non-irradiated regions, harvested by hand.  Processed and packaged in a clean and consistently sanitary environment.  

Shake well - must stay refrigerated.

Ingredients: Alkaline spring water, organic fresh squeezed lemon juice, JC Essential sea moss gel, raw honey, fresh ginger, turmeric powder, agave.

35 calories