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Your favorite organic plant-based protein, now packed with organic blueberry flakes, blue spirulina, adaptogens, elderberry... You get the point. This plant powered perfection is more than just blueberry muffin flavored, it's a stud muffin when compared to other plant proteins. Bottoms up!

Proteins, Vitamins. A delicious and satisfying drink. The ambient glow of radiant health. Bottoms up! “If you’ve got your health, you’ve got everything.” It’s an old saying that never goes out of style. Health is not a passive state, but an active one; a pursuit. At KOS we’ve formulated a plant-based protein whose combined ingredients cover all the amino acids, and without the bloat-producing lactose and other by-products that can haunt a whey-based protein solution.

All-in-one protein shake and complete multivitamin
Save time, money, and lose weight for good
Competition winning flavor

How To Use:
KOS plant protein blends well in liquid or can be used in baking. We recommend mixing 1 serving (2 scoops) in 8-12oz of cold water or non-dairy drink and blend or shake in a shaker cup. Use as a meal-replacement option 1 to 2 times a day for healthy weight management.

USDA Organic / California Certified Organic Farmers
Made in USA

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Great protein powder for weight loss. The soluble fiber in plant protein gives you that “full” feeling for a longer period of time. You eat less but not at the expense of calories. Still packed with 20 g protein per serving.

COMPLETE PROTEIN: Our USDA organic vegan protein powder has a 5 protein blend of Pea, Flax Seed, Quinoa, Pumpkin Seed & Chia Seed + packed with essential vitamins & minerals. Healthier than whey protein powder for your body and the environment.

DIGESTION SUPPORT: Powerful digestion support with DigeSEB, a proprietary digestive enzyme blend. DigeSEB aids digestion & helps the body maximize absorption by embracing & capitalizing on its ingested nutrients.

RESPONSIBLY SOURCED: Nearly every ingredient is certified organic and therefore free of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, artificial sweeteners, colors, and GMOs. Made in Southern California and ingredients are certified by the USDA and CCOF.

Why KOS™ ?

Tasty plant-based nutrition.
Completely clean product. Does not contain any soy, dairy, gluten, artificial sweeteners, binding agents or anything that doesn’t directly improve your health.
USDA Certified Organic.
Made in the USA.
Produced in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified facility.